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I have worked for many construction companies over the years as a sub contractor.  I have also worked for building management firms doing a variety of work.  Throughout my career I have gained a thorough knowledge of the construction trades, building management skills, and have experience in overseeing new construction projects.

  I have worked in several areas including NY, NJ, CT, as well as Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Ulster counties.  I have worked as a subcontractor and have also done punch list work.  In addition, I have taken care of the maintenance for many properties, strip malls, and investment properties on a steady basis. There isn’t much I haven’t seen in terms of commercial or residential problems that I have not been able to solve.

 Trade Skills

Over all general construction and renovations. I am knowledgeable in all facets of building construction and repairs, residential and commercial from any of the trades listed below. Most importantly, I am a good trouble shooter and am able to either fix any problem myself or call the proper trade in to fix said problem.

Companies I have worked for (for more than 1 year) as a sub contractor, Punch list work or a yearly contract basis, besides my own clients

North Ridge Framers-2

Axon Associates, Inc-12

Citiwide Development, Inc-10

River Management-1

EMjay Management-2

Cara Construction and Management-2

Dalzel Management-2

Team Landmark Realty-2

New Hill Top / Windsor Crest -4

Central Valley Real Estate-1

Timber Ridge Phases-2

Prudential Rand Real Estate-2

New Windsor Mall-8


  Schooling I have had since High School Not Limited to The Construction Trade

 OCCC A+ Computer Course 2001

CDA Computer Course 2000

Boces Entrepreneurial Co Business course  1994

New York School of Locksmithing  1987

Apex automotive-1984

John Jay High School 1974 - 1978


Past 6 years commercial work some more notable places


Prudential Rand Main Office Complete renovation and Expansion ……. New Windsor

Prudential Rand  Central Valley New Offices

Bagel and Bake Complete renovation …. New Windsor,

Army / Marine recruiting center Complete renovation …Newburgh

Monroe Bridal Complete renovation  ……. Monroe

Superior Mortgages …Central Valley

Pretty Nails Complete renovation ….New Windsor

Fullerton Medical offices  ….. Newburgh

Old Windows
when painting old windows most people use tape bad idea. when peeling the tape off it usually takes off the paint that you just painted on even if you score it with a razor it is not perfect, it is very time consuming as well to put it on and take it off, and you will still get those little black holes all around the window because no one has that steady of a hand, when I paint old windows I paint on to the window which also seals all the little black holes and air gaps  from old putty outside the window ..and the job looks much better in the end after I take a razor and clean off the paint and wash the window   
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